1. Read "Submissions Information and Guidelines" and "Issue Specific Call for Submissions" before submitting.

2. Each issue of The New: will feature fresh cover art.  Often, this cover art will come from an artist solicited specifically by either a guest editor or a permanent member of The New: staff.

3. Of course, we would love the chance to discover a new artist, to meet artists we have never met, and to publish unfamiliar styles.

4. Submit a maximum of five images from your collection or a link to an online portfolio. We will acknowledge having received your submission, but we will only contact you again if we are interested in commissioning you for an issue’s cover art.

5. Submit your work as a PNG or JPEG, 300 DPI and minimum 600px.  There is no need for cover art submissions to be contained in a single file, i.e. you can upload multiple files to your submission.